Waste to Food produces premium quality vermicompost (earthworm compost).  

Vermicompost has numerous benefits when used in horticulture, floriculture and agriculture. 

  • Reduces chemical fertiliser & pesticides requirements
  • promotes desirable growing media qualities
  • promotes healthy, vigorous plants
  • increases yield and product quality
  • supresses plant pests & pathogens

Waste to Food makes use of innovative technologies to process nutrient-rich organic wastes like food wastes and organic residues.

 Our HotRot in-vessel composting system allows us to pre-compost highly putrescible wastes in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

The pre-composted materials exiting the HotRot are then processed further in an industrial-scale vermicomposting system called the Worm Hammock.

The process used by Waste to Food is a closed-loop design and we do not produce any waste.


TRIPLE BOTTOM LINE Our business is based on Triple Bottom Line principles. Triple Bottom Line thinking acknowledges that achieving true sustainability involves economic, social and ecological gains. We offer an alternative to the negative impacts associated with waste disposal, our process has very little environmental impact and our products are environmentally beneficial. Our company has been structured to promote opportunities for enterprise development and we will actively support local community urban agriculture projects.